Uniforms Set the Tone for the Hospitality Industry


In many respects, the hospitality industry has one of the most vested interests in the appearance of its employees. From well-manicured lobbies to room décor, looks matter to guests at hotels and bed and breakfast. The first interaction a guest may have is often with the front desk and their professionalism sets the tone. That’s why large- and small-scale businesses rely on the uniform services Raleigh to purchase smartly designed hospitality attire.

Front Desk

The people who handle the requests and sometimes challenges of guests need to provide professional service and look the part. It’s important that their uniforms be coordinated. Uniforms set the plate for how your business is perceived. There are several different looks you can accomplish through proper dress.

  • Shirts: Depending on the region, you can go with long or short sleeves. Keep in mind that short-sleeved shirts are viewed as more casual attire. If you are trying to project a formal atmosphere, go long.
  • Vests: Vests with long-sleeved shirts underneath can provide a sharp, almost chic look that still projects a high level of professionalism. Adding a tie can complete the ensemble.
  • Jackets: The jacket and tie look is a classic. Its level of formality and generally depends on the quality of the attire your employees are wearing.
  • Sweaters: A nice V-neck sweater that shows a collared shirt and tie at the neck blends the appearance of formal and casual. These are perfect for ski lodges and places that promote quality comfort with recreational activities.
  • Accessories: Nothing brings a uniform together like accessories. Consider bow ties, scarves, and cuff links. Details matter.


These staff members present somewhat of a challenge to the hospitality industry in terms of attire. The work is physically demanding and sometimes messy. It’s important to choose fabrics that lean toward wrinkle free. If you employ male and female housekeeping staff, long, untucked shirts and pants may make sense. All-female staffs trend toward dresses. These can be purchased in bulk from one of the uniform services Raleigh has established.

Dining Staff

For hotels that provide a dining experience, the type of uniform you showcase should fit the menu and ambiance. Each sends a signal to customers about the quality they can expect from the service and kitchen.

  • Aprons: Visually, aprons trend toward home-style cooking and casual or franchised eateries. These make sense if you have a Starbucks incorporated into the establishment.
  • Shirts and Ties: This setup provides some flexibility, but still maintains uniformity. Attractive shirt-only presentations send a professional but informal signal. Adding a tie can formalize the look.
  • Vests: Perhaps the crème de la crème is the long shirt with vest and tie. Formal, professional and sharp. If you have a chef-tailored menu, this look may be perfect.

When selecting attire for your hospitality staff, keep in mind that clothing sends a subconscious signal to guests about the level of quality they can expect to receive. Fortunately, the hospitality industry has the ability to present these defining clothing items at a cost-efficient rate by purchasing in bulk at one of the uniform services Raleigh offers.