Styling your sweatshirt can become really easy with these tips and tricks


Sweatshirts are jackets which are made out of fleece or jersey material and are designed to provide you with the comfort and warmth that light sweaters cannot provide. They can b e styled in very different ways and can provide you with an upward style statement in minutes. They can be teemed with casual sneakers and denim or can be given a luxurious touch if you feel like it. There have been many innovations over the ages with respect to sweatshirt and its designs and today it has become as much of a fashion staple as is denim jeans or sneakers. But are you thinking that sweatshirts can only be styled in a certain way and cannot be teemed with everything? Then think again!

Different ways in which you can style your sweatshirt:

  • The first thing that you can do is to teem it with sneakers and faded denim and make it street style worthy. They are pretty great for everything associated with street style so rest assured you won’t come across as a weirdo if you wear it with your trainers. Women can wear them with dresses and skirt and make for a casual yet trendy outfit which can be put together very easily on a busy day.
  • You can also style it for evening wear. They are generally not meant to be a part of evening wear but today designers are giving it a twist and embellishing it with threads or other graphic designs to make it suitable for wearing to a party. Most celebrities sport these embellished sweatshirts when they are travelling to and from the city and need to be warm on a flight.
  • You can also team your sweatshirt with dark coloured denims and a collared button down shirt to provide a smarter look instead of going casual all the way. Make sure you choose your sweatshirt accordingly. It would be best to stick to colours like blue, grey, black as these are basic colours which go with everything. Make sure your sweatshirt is not very baggy and sticks close to your body to provide a structured silhouette.
  • You can pair your sweatshirts with a bomber or leather jacket as well. This is a more layered look as you will be wearing your shirt, sweatshirt and then your bomber or leather jacket over each other.