Overview of Piercing and the Way It Can Be Done Safely


A body piercing sounds as though a puncture is made or something is pierced in your body and yes that is done exactly using a needle. It is actually a jewelry piece that is inserted into a hole. Piercing body parts commonly are nose, ears, and belly button. The oral piercings include cheek, lip, and tongue.

In fact many people who consider piercing also expand the hole size to wear different jewelry types and this includes tunnels and plugs. The stretching is done slowly in small increments so that there is less damage done to the piercing.

How to get it done safely?

Body piercing in some states is regulated, and not all. In case you decide to get body piercing done, you may look for piercing shops Mankato. You may investigate their work and get to know the procedures of the shop and try to find out if it provides a safe environment that is also clean to its customers.

Each shop doing piercing is expected to have a sterilizing machine and this machine keeps in sealed packets the sterilized instruments, until they are not in use. However, ask questions and ascertain the piercer:

  • Washes their hands prior to beginning the procedure
  • It is a licensed practitioner
  • Wears disposable fresh gloves
  • Uses disposable or sterilized ear-piercing guns
  • Uses sterilized instruments and single-use needles

There is a need to note the shops follow the waste disposal and proper handling procedures.

What to know?

If you think to get pierced, the foremost is to research. In case you are not 18 years, there are some restrictions and you will need your parents’ permission to get piercing done. In fact, some may require their parent to be present while piercing. Minors are not permitted to get piercings.

Prior to getting piercing, ensure you have your immunizations. In case you have a medical problem such as allergies, congenital heart disease, bleeding problem, a weakened immune system, and diabetes, you must talk to your doctor prior to getting pierced.

Body piercings are accepted generally, though some piercings hurt the chances of advancing your career or getting a job. Before getting piercing, ensure to know the metals you are allergic. You may choose jewelry made from metals by including studs or backs that may cause fewer reactions such as solid gold, surgical stainless steel, titanium, and niobium. It is best to get an appointment and visit them.