Need To Buy An Underwater Camera? Here’s Your Quick Guide!


Capturing life under water is an experience beyond words. There’s a reason why people watch those underwater documentaries for hours. If you are into diving, you probably realize the importance of having an underwater camera. Buying an underwater camera isn’t an easy thing, especially for people who haven’t used one previously. In this post, we bring a guide that’s easy to understand, so that you can buy the right one.

Here’s why an underwater camera is special

Clicking photos and taking videos under the water’s surface comes with a few inherent challenges. Unless a filter is being used, the videos are likely to have a blue or green tint, depending on factors such as lighting. At the basic level, underwater cameras can be classified into two segments – DSLRs and compact cameras. If you are just starting out, a compact camera is all you need. DSLRs are used extensively by professionals, and often, one needs to use additional accessories and filters to get the right footage. Compact ones, on the other hand, are designed for easy use, and the best ones often use what is known as Depth-controlled Color Correction, which ensures that you don’t have to use additional filters or color correct the videos later. Pressure also has an effect on the quality of images being taken, and you will find cameras that correct for the same.

Buying the right camera

Some of the compact underwater cameras are extremely easy to use, and these models work as easily as a flashlight. However, not all underwater cameras are the same, so some initial homework, especially with regards to the basics comes in handy. First things first, check the extent to which the camera is waterproof, which should be at least 800 feet. Secondly, not all cameras have settings for White Balance, which is something worth checking. Since you wouldn’t want to change the battery of the camera during the dive, the runtime needs attention. Batteries tend to run longer when you go for low resolution recording, but that’s hardly a choice for underwater shooting.

Things that matter

In case of compact cameras, you don’t get the same quality of optics as DSLRs, but video recording quality is still something that needs attention. Basic resolution should be 1080p at the very least, although some of the underwater cameras are designed to record 4K videos. Most buyers also forget that the brand is of equal importance, and you need to have enough support from the brand. Check if the concerned underwater camera has good reviews, and you may want to compare the choices based on the features on offer. Not to forget, the actual memory of the camera is important. While for most cameras you have to use a Micro-SD or SD card, the extent of such cards supported is necessary.

In case of underwater camera, ease of use and effectively functions and features are aspects worth noting, and for the right model, paying more than what you initially expected is not a bad idea.