Here is a Handy Style Guide for Designer Rings


Designer rings are intricate and expensive in nature. But still budget isn’t deemed a constraint for the ones who cannot buy it. As these investment pieces tend to draw more attention to detail which is often termed as luxury, they can also be customized in such a way that it fits most budgets. We have listed some tips on styling the designer engagement rings to complement your fashion sense as well as your budget.


  1. Settings and styles

Designer rings are famous as they bear amazing details. But every ring is unique and the settings are offered at a price range. For the ones seeking the chic vibe, select a sleek solitaire that keeps budget on targets without compromising details. With the designer lines, even the solitaire has the most delicate details. Seek the curving edges, carved out formation and the unique center mounts. If you expand your budget a bit more, designer rings may also bear diamond accents with amazing patterns.

  1. Platinum or gold

The metal which is used in the setting impacts the price of the ring significantly. Many prefer to buy platinum but it comes with a hefty cost. Platinum is costlier than the white gold. So if you want a designer ring, white gold jewellery designs keep your costs down without compromising the style. Gold also has many varieties like yellow, white or rose. You can also choose 14 karat over 18 karat gold to save on your budget. But most rings will not bear the setting in pure gold lower than 14 karats. But, if budget is not a constraint, go for the highest gold purity or buy a platinum ring.

  1. Center stones

Diamonds are the most preferred centerpiece for engagement rings. But many people are choosing gemstones to create a unique ring. You can also choose your birthstone to set in your ring to give it a personalized look. Also, take into consideration your style and personality when choosing the perfect center stone. Don’t forget to consider the 4c’s as well: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

  1. Pair it with other rings

Designer engagement rings are usually be paired with any other wedding ring or band or you can also buy a band that complements your engagement design. Buyers can choose a simpler band to complement an ornate designer engagement ring. A simple band will let the engagement ring to be deemed the focal point on the hand. But selecting a detailed diamond wedding band tends to create a bold pairing.