5 Reasons to Wear Linen This Summer


We recently attended the launch of Uniqlo’s French Linen range and it had us thinking about the resurgence of linen that we’re seeing in Spring/Summer collections. This inspired us to put together a post on five reasons to wear linen this summer.

Now think about it – when you live in Melbourne, the temperature can get up into the mid 40’s. If you’re heading out to an afternoon function you’re generally dreading putting on a shirt and feeling the sweat drip through it. Well, we have just the solution for you: Put on a linen shirt, sweater, pants or suit. Break out the RayBan glasses, here’s five reasons why linen should be on your list:

– The fabric is lightweight and breathable. This means you won’t be having your shirt stick to you on those hot, sweaty days and can take comfort in the fact you shouldn’t wreak of bad odour! The structure of linen fabric gives it softness yet stiffness, which prevents it from clinging to the skin like most cotton clothing and it’s highly absorbent as well, meaning it will dry away any moisture quicker than cotton.

– It’s extremely comfortable. If you put on a pair of linen pants or a shirt, you’ll immediately feel the comfort factor due to the softness of the fabric.

– It’s fashionable. The often wrinkleness of linen gives it some style, character adds texture to your look. Because of this (guys take note!) you don’t even have to iron it if you don’t have time!

– It has non-allergenic properties. If you’re someone that has allergies, linen could be just the solution for you. If you don’t react well to woollen suits, then try linen. It also means any bad odour smells won’t radiate as much on those hotter days!

– It’s versatile. Wear a linen shirt with some denim. Maybe a linen jacket with some cotton chino pants or shorts and loafers. Or try some white linen pants with a floral shirt and some slides on your next tropical holiday, the options are endless!!